What if I Hit a Deer | Ask Schultz & Myers | Insurance

What if I Hit a Deer | Ask Schultz & Myers | Insurance

What if I Hit a Deer | Ask Schultz & Myers | Insurance

Hi I’m Stephen Schultz, and you’re watching “Ask Schultz &Myers.”

Today I want to answer the question, “What happens if I hit an animal in the road?” This usually arises in the situation with a deer.

There really is nobody you can sue for that. Now there is a limited situation if you run over something, for instance a horse or cow that escaped from a farm, that’s a different situation. We can essentially go track down where that animal came from and file suit against the farmer that failed to properly maintain the fence that allowed the animal to escape and ultimately cause the crash.

In general situations, where you’re on a road and it’s a deer you hit, or a dog or something of that nature, there really is no car insurance companies to go after except for your own, in which case you can get your property damage taken care of, but your personal injuries…we can’t get you compensated for those.

So if you’re ever involved in a crash where you hit something in the road, whether it be an animal or something else, call us. We’ll at least walk you down the path on whether or not you have a claim to make.

Our number is easy to remember 314.444.4444. Thanks for watching.

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